TOPEKA (KSNT) – Topeka’s former city manager was fired for having an “inappropriate relationship with a subordinate,” the city said Friday.

The new information was released after the city said Stephen Wade made an unspecified claim for damages.

“The city can confidently say that it did not cause Wade any professional damage,” said Gretchen Spiker, city spokeswoman. “The city looks forward to its day in court.”

KSNT 27 News has requested a copy of the claims made against the city through the state’s Open Records Act and is awaiting the city’s response. In the meantime, Spiker released a response.

“The city wants the community and its taxpayers to know that it will vigorously defend itself against these false claims,” said Spiker.

Spiker said Wade was fired for violating the city’s personnel policy and his own employment contract. She also said Wade “embarked on a misleading media campaign following his employment termination for cause.”

The city had placed Wade on paid leave about a month before they fired him.