SAINT GEORGE (KSNT) – A Kansas police chief is addressing the question of safety in elementary schools in the aftermath of the recent school shooting in Uvalde, Texas that claimed 21 lives.

Chief Dan Trechter of the Saint George Police Department in Pottawatomie County took to Facebook on Tuesday to explain the measures that the SGPD is taking to ensure that children can go to school without fear. Trechter shared the SGPD’s policy regarding rapid response and deployment in an emergency situation.

According to Trechter, the policy states that, “If a suspect is actively engaged in the infliction of serious bodily harm or other life-threatening activity toward others, officers should take immediate action, if reasonably practicable, while requesting additional assistance.”

“What this policy reinforces is our commitment as a police department to protect your children while they are in school at all costs,” Trechter said on his Facebook post. “Rest assured we will not wait for additional resources to arrive before hunting down and eliminating any threat posed to your children.”

Trechter went on to say that there would be discussions in the near future regarding School Resource Officers and their positions within elementary schools. He also said that he would be working with the city council, school board, principal and their new superintendent in in discussions about police action during an emergency.