TOPEKA (KSNT) – You might’ve noticed cars left abandoned or broken down on the side of the highway in Kansas, but why? And what happens to them?

KSNT 27 News reached out to the Kansas Highway Patrol (KHP) for information.

In Kansas, when a vehicle is left abandoned on the highway, KHP troopers will conduct an abandoned vehicle check. Once completed, an orange sticker will be attached to the vehicle to indicate it has been checked by law enforcement, according to KHP Captain Candice Breshears.

Breshears said vehicle owners have 48 hours to remove a vehicle from the road. After the 48-hour period, the KHP will tow the vehicle at the owner’s expense.

When an individual is arrested, vehicles aren’t left on the highway. The KHP will tow the vehicle from the scene, according to Breshears.

Breshears didn’t comment on whether there was a connection between Kansas’ lack of annual vehicle inspections and car abandonment but did say the KHP sees vehicles broken down, with flat tires and no spare and for a variety of other reasons.

In Kansas, only certain vehicles must undergo a motor vehicle examination before they can apply for registration and title, according to These requirements are:

  • Any vehicle with an out-of-state or out-of-country title.
  • Any vehicle purchased out of state with an out-of-state bill of sale.
  • Antique vehicles purchased in Kansas with an in-state bill of sale that have a model year of 1950 or newer.
  • Any vehicle titled as non-highway or salvaged but when the owner wants to apply for title and registration for a formerly non-highway or rebuilt salvaged title.

Breshears said only the owner would know why a vehicle was left abandoned.

If you need help while traveling on the highway you can call *47 or KHP Dispatch at *582 for KHP personnel assistance, according to Breshears.

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