TOPEKA (KSNT) – Topeka City leaders are brainstorming ways to make Topeka the place to be.

A clean, safe and accessible city is the goal for many Topeka residents, and the Topeka City Council is coming up with a plan to make it happen.

The city council discussed a number of ways to improve quality of life in Topeka. A few ideas were to invest in transportation, public safety and city growth.

“You cannot identify what road to take unless you know where you’re going,” said Patty Gentrup with the KU Public Management Center. “This is the first step in understanding where we’re going as a community.”

The City held a retreat on Wednesday after the community voiced what improvements they wanted to see.

“A strategic plan really helps to identify where the resources should go,” Gentrup said. “So as the City Council participates in this process and listens to its constituents, what are those specific action items, and then how should those be funded?”

City leaders want to hear from you on how these improvements could impact life in Topeka. Click here for upcoming public meetings.