TOPEKA (KSNT) – Governor Laura Kelly announced on Tuesday that Kansas exported $5.46 billion worth of agricultural goods in 2022, the highest in decades, but where did the goods go?

The Kansas Department of Agriculture (KDA) Division of Agricultural Marketing, Advocacy and Outreach published a paper on international marketing and trade statistics July 7, 2023. The paper used data from Euromonitor International to determine the top 10 Kansas agricultural export destinations.

“Once again, we are shattering records to grow our economy and strengthen our ag industry,” Kelly said. “But even with these record exports, we aren’t taking anything for granted – which is why Secretary Beam and I are building relationships with international trading partners to ensure Kansas farmers and ranchers can continue to feed the world.” 

In 2022, 39% of Kansas’ exports were agricultural products. The products were shipped to 95 different countries, according to the KDA paper.

The top 10 agricultural export commodities:

  1. Meat, Edible Offal – 38.86%
    • $2,121,644,000
  2. Cereals – 24.45%
    • $1,334,717,000
  3. Oil Seed – 12.52%
    • $683,382,000
  4. Residues, Wastes – 8.48%
    • $463,160,000
  5. Beverages, Vinegar – 4.43%
    • $241,679,000
  6. Dairy Products – 3.21%
    • $175,192,000
  7. Fats, Animal, Vegetables – 2.35%
    • $128,075,000
  8. Milling Products – 1.38%
    • $75,071,000
  9. Misc Edible Preps – 1.08%
    • $58,887,000
  10. Animal Products – 0.96%
    • $52,368,000

On Tuesday, Kansas Secretary of Agriculture Mike Beam took part in the annual Tri-National Accord in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. Agricultural counterparts from Canada, Mexico and the U.S. met to strengthen relationships between key trading partners, according to a press release from the Office of the Governor.

“Kansas is a national leader in agriculture, and the continued growth in agricultural exports shows the significance of the work being done throughout the Kansas ag industry to develop these international markets,” Secretary of Agriculture Mike Beam said.

In 2022, Mexico was Kansas’ largest importer with $2.169 billion in agricultural goods. Of Kansas’ agricultural goods, Mexico’s largest imports were cereals, oilseed and meat, edible offal.

Top 10 Kansas agricultural export destinations

Country2022 ExportsPercent
South Korea490,864,0008.99%
Hong Kong$90,698,0001.66%
Data compiled by the Kansas Department of Agriculture. Source: Euromonitor International.