JUNCTION CITY (KSNT) – With the holiday season around the corner, bakers beware of soaring butter prices.

Data gathered by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics shows the price of butter has increased significantly in recent weeks. Prices are currently up 32% compared to one year ago.

Hildebrand Farms Dairy in Junction City makes their butter in-house. Operations Manager Melissa Hildebrand-Reed says customers buy more butter leading up to and during the holiday season.

Hildebrand-Reed says the dairy industry is seeing the effects of the record inflation currently plaguing the country.

“Crop prices are up, which is wonderful, but that means the feed we give the girls is also up,” Hildebrand-Reed said. “It goes from feed to medicine or vaccinations that we provide that are hard to get.”

She also says shortages of workers, increases in feed price and a more health-conscious society are contributing to the problem of rising prices.

“Consumers have changed in their preference, and that’s a big reason for this as well,” said Hildebrand-Reed.

It’s not just dairy butter costing consumers more. Shana Cakes is a Topeka Bakery that makes plant-based products. The owner says the price of the vegan butter they use in their products is also going up.

“Finding the butter that we can actually use has been challenging. And now that we found one consistently that we like the quality, it meets our requirements. The price now is a challenge,” said Jodi Scott, owner of Shana Cake. “It’s gone up $1.50 per pound in the last month.”

Hildebrand-Reed expects butter prices to stay high through the holiday season, but hopes they will drop after the New Year.