TOPEKA (KSNT) – Rising costs are forcing some local businesses to reevaluate their prices, including a popular Topeka coffee shop.

Milk & Honey Coffee Co. posted open letter to the community on social media Wednesday to give voice to its decision to consider raising prices. While not everything on the menu will be impacted by the price hike and nothing has been set in stone yet, Milk & Honey’s owners say based on “pretty much everything going up,” they’ll need to consider adding a tax.

But we are leaning to charging tax on our menu items moving forward. As you probably have noticed with the nice round numbers, tax is included in our prices. We have loved this because it was convenient for our team and you! Therefore, tax would be in addition to the price. Sorry! We may still increase a few things but nothing major – just items that even you are aware of that is costing us all more at the grocery stores.

Milk & Honey statement

The tax will go into effect after Labor Day on Sept. 5, according to Milk & Honey’s post.

I know this is a big step for all of us and we love the even numbers, but in my eyes, this allows us to make this major change and then realize we won’t have to do anything more in the future unless something extreme occurs. And let’s all pray we have hit the worst of the worst.

Milk & Honey statement

Milk & Honey is located at 2200 SE 29th St. in Topeka. For more information, check out their Facebook here.