TOPEKA (KSNT) – Now that election day is over, what happens to those signs you see around town?

27 News spoke with Topeka City Attorney Amanda Stanley to find out.

The last day you can have those signs up before the city takes action is Friday, Nov. 11. If they’re still around, you could be paying up. Under state law you can have signs up for 45 days before election night. The signs get a two day grace period before the local sign code goes back into effect.

That code focuses on cleaning up the public right of way by removing political signs. After Friday, if they’re still up fines are $50.

“If we have to go out and start cleaning up the streets and picking up those right of way signs, that is staff time and expenses,” City Attorney Amanda Stanley said. “That’s a cost to the tax base as a whole, means your neighbor is paying for us to pick up your sign via their property taxes, so nobody likes that. To help recoup some of those costs we have a $50 administrative fee that we can assess if we have to go pick up your sign.”

That tax base also applies to political signs in a public space, such as a park. In that case, the city will attempt to track down the owner. The Stanley says typically what happens is the tax base as a whole will have to foot the bill.