TOPEKA (KSNT)- The Topeka Tropics have returned to the capital city, now with new ownership.

The new ownership group consists of three Topeka businessmen, all focused on giving the community the football team they want. They are Trevor Burdett, owner of Sacred Leaf CBD here in Topeka; Chad Logan, owner of Logan Business Machines; and Joshua Barr, owner of Graystone Painting and Finishing. They want to let fans know, they are not going anywhere.

“Ownership group is local, and we’re all vested in Topeka, it’s not just about this team, it’s about this community and doing what’s best for our community,” said Barr. “We’re all local business owners and we want Topeka to continue to grow and thrive.”

The ownership group has signed a three-year contract with the Stormont Vail Events Center and they plan to fill all those years with success.

“Success takes good leadership and it takes process, and we bring that to the table right off the bat,” said Barr. “We want to be good leaders in our community but also for the team, and it starts at the top, so if we’re making good decisions and supporting the team, and they know they’re gonna be here long term, we think this team will be much more invested from the players to the coaches.”

Speaking of local, the General Manager of the team is Topeka West Head Coach Russell Norton who served as the GM at the end of last year. As Norton and the team look for its next head coach, they do not plan to travel far.

“I think Topeka deserves local, I think Topeka deserves people they know, and people we can get behind, and so without tipping our hand too much, I think that’s what we’re going to be looking to do,” said Norton.

Norton does plan to build a successful product on the field, but until then, he wants fans to at least enjoy themselves.

“Arena Ball is actually different,” said Norton. “90% of fans, don’t even know who wins or loses the arena game, but 100% of the fans know whether they had a good time or not.”

Tropics fans do not have to wait long, as the team will play in the 2023 season starting in March of next year. The official schedule will be released tomorrow.