TOPEKA (KSNT) – Kansans don’t have much time left to file property taxes, if you haven’t taken care of it already.

The deadline to submit property taxes is midnight on May 10. If you can’t get everything in order by then, the Shawnee County Treasurer, Larry Mah, has a few options for you. He told 27 News that around 98% of residents pay on time, but those who don’t meet the deadline can pay in person at the County Treasurer’s office in the drop off box or by mail.

Since interest accumulates daily on taxes that are unpaid, Mah suggests paying at least partial payments as quickly as you can.

“What that’ll do is that’ll reduce the penalty,” Mah said. “Penalty is based on the unpaid amount so if they don’t have the full amount, they can pay a partial and reduce that penalty.”

For those who don’t pay, you should expect a reminder to come in the mail by mid June. There is an app from the state to streamline the process. To get to the app, click here.