TOPEKA (KSNT) – The combination of high winds, snow and ice resulted in multiple accidents and slide offs on Kansas roads.

Tow truck drivers have been working hard all day helping several of those drivers get back on the road and back to safety.

These cold temperatures can lead to many problems on and off the road. Icy road conditions lead to many drivers finding themselves spinning out into a ditch.

On days like today, tow truck companies like Brown’s Super Service are extra busy. While some drivers might not be daunted by icy road conditions, Keith Brown with Brown’s Super Service says in times like this, it’s best to stay off the roads.

“A lot of people aren’t used to this at all. I mean it is extremely cold,” said Keith Brown, Brown’s Super Service. “When it gets this cold, nothing works right, your vehicle doesn’t work right, nothing works. It’s just best to stay at home and wait the storm out.”

Brown says if you do find yourself out driving, it’s best to go a little slower and be more cautious of your surroundings.

Here in Topeka, most of the major roads like Wannamaker Rd. and Kansas Ave are cleared, while roads like Gage Blvd. and 17th still have some snow and ice on them.