Years later KDOT still enjoying baby-filled offices

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Imagine having a baby at work every day. One state government building has allowed it for years.

Tricia Fulzenloger works for the Department of Transportation, she’s a mother of four but is bringing her child to work for the first time.

“I never could have imagined bringing my child to work,” said Fulzenloger.

Tricia works in IT at KDOT. She has been bringing her three-month-old daughter, Finley, to work for six weeks.

“They sleep a lot so, you really can get a lot done, be really productive, and yet know that they’re safe, they’re right there within eye view,” she said.

The department began allowing parents and even grandparents to bring babies to work until they turn five-months-old.

It started in 2001, and the first children in the program are now adults. 18 years and over 100 babies later it’s still going strong. 

“It’s allowed them to come back sooner, and it’s allowed them to have that more bonding time with their children before they have to go to daycare,” said KDOT assistant bureau chief of personnel services, Karla Thies.

Tricia says Finley has gotten used to the daily grind.

“The office setting, she’s really adapted to it, for the most part, she’s quiet and she’s very mild mannered and gets along really well here.”

But there are exceptions. She says a stomachache for Finley, in particular, comes to mind.

“Went into a conference room and shut the door, and got her calmed down,” said Tricia. “And she calmed down and came right back.”

Tricia says the extra time has allowed for there to be a seamless transition into daycare when the five months are up.

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