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Youth baseball teams try to beat the heat

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) - Many people are sticking indoors on this very hot weekend, but for kids playing summer sports, this 90+ degree day won't keep them inside.

Boys from all across the Midwest traveled to Lake Shawnee for the Father's Day classic this weekend.
Rising temperatures had players trying to find ways to beat the heat.

Eden Myers plays shortstop and pitcher for the KC Warriors.

"I drink lots of water and I get those wet towels and I put them over my neck, just try to keep myself cool."

Coaches also go to extreme measures to keep their players fresh.

Dough Van Becelaere coaches a 12 and under team out of Pittsburg called the Bombers.

"We pitched eight different pitchers today which was really good and it worked out for us...we caught five different catchers just to make sure everybody stayed cool, and then we rotated our kids from the infield to the outfield to make sure they stayed cool too."

Ruben Raygoza is the manager for the KC Warriors baseball team and says he has to watch his team even closer when temperatures get this high.

"Really hot days like this, we'll carry towels, wet them up on a separate ice chest, so each of them can wipe themselves down, especially our catchers and pitchers."

Each team is guaranteed at least three games a day and both coaches are looking forward to the sun going down.

"The night games are pretty prime right now," says Van Becelaere.

While the sun was still up, the teams couldn't get enough water. 

One umpire even stopped and asked players if anyone needed a drink in the middle of an inning.



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