ZOO AND YOU: Topeka Zoo tiger cubs are “critically endangered” in the wild

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The Sumatran tiger population is getting a small boost from the Topeka Zoo. The tiger cubs are on display at the zoo and they are not lacking in energy.

If you come to the tiger exhibit and you see the tiger cubs sleeping, come back in about half an hour,” said Brendan Wiley, Topeka Zoo director.

The tiger cubs were put on display last week after being away from the public for months.

“They were born last October and about the time they were ready to go outside winter came to Kansas,” said Wiley. “Now, these active little guys are outside playing and enjoying the weather and giving their mom a run for the money.”

They may not look like much, but these cubs play an important role within their species. 

“Sumatran tigers are critically endangered in the wild. There’s somewhere between four and five hundred left. Of the tigers in North America there’s only about 72,” said Wiley.

There are four cubs and six adult Sumatran tigers at the Topeka Zoo currently. In the next five years, Wiley says they anticipate transfering the cubs to other zoos across the country. They will then hopefully breed with other Sumatran tigers and continue to expand the population.

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