Local students get ‘energized’ lessons


TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – Fifth graders from several Topeka schools got the opportunity to learn about the different types of energy.

Students from various USD 501 elementary schools rotated through the Kanza Education and Science Park and took part in various activities.

Some students said they were excited to get out of the classroom.

“It’s a great day to learn about everything,” said student Jonathan Grant. “It is great to be out here learning.”

They wore off energy while learning about it, through various stations and activities at the park that was made as a collaboration between Westar Energy and Topeka Public Schools.

“We go through stations, we learn about how energy moves through the air and the different energy… like the windmills and solar panels,” said Jace Vargas.

All of the lessons aim to get the kids outside of the classroom and excited about science.

“Science is just so real life and it’s all around you all the time,” said Lindsey Noonan. “So understanding how and why things work is super important,”

“I’m glad that all of us are here, we could learn oh my whole class could learn,” said Grant. “Learning is best for all kids.”

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