Major highway now open after shutting down following snow


A major highway was closed for hours Saturday because of the icy conditions the winter storm brought with it.  

Crews worked to clear the streets on Saturday to make them safer. 

“We’ve had to pull a car off a retaining wall, said Tyler Gist, AAA Tow Operator. “We’ve done roll overs, we’ve been staying pretty busy with pulling people out of ditches that got stuck last night. It’s been quite the day.” 

I-70 from Topeka to Manhattan was completely covered in snow. The highway eventually opened back up. 

“We’ve got some jackknifed trucks,” said Laurie Arellano at the Kansas Department of Transportation. “There’s some hills in that stretch and we just need to allow a little more room for the tow trucks to get in there and for us to be able to get in there and really dig in and get that ice. A lot of moisture and then the temperatures dropped really low so what that does is it makes our treatment a little less effective.” 

Even with all the snow, some people had long journeys to go. One couple that traveled from Paxico to Maple Hill said the roads were fine, until they hit a specific exit.

“They’re [the roads] okay till you get to like 313 and then after that it’s pretty nasty, the one lane may be okay but the passing lane no,” they told KSNT. 

Another young girl and her mother were on there way to pick up her sister from the Kansas City International airport. 

“We saw nine cars in the ditch from Manhattan to where we are now,” she said. 

Authorities are still encouraging you to use extreme caution when driving. The roads are still pretty slick and even if you can’t see the ice, it can still be there.

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