Manhattan city leaders want ideas for flood warnings


The city of Manhattan wants to hear from people about possible ideas for flood notifications. City leaders established a citizens advisory team to address flooding at Wildcat Creek after floods last Labor Day.

Deputy City Manager Jason Hilgers says they are still discussing structural changes to Wildcat Creek, but those will be expensive and ongoing. Hilgers says they want to look at new ways to let people know about flooding this season.

“We get a lot of warnings. We get a lot of watches and people start to get a bit comfortable hearing those,” said Hilgers. “What can we put in place where we know this is going to happen. It’s coming. You need to pick your stuff up and move.”

There is the Riley County Emergency Notification system. Click here to sign up, but there isn’t something like a siren for floods. 

Hilgers says the city has also been using federal grants to purchase and demolish homes and buildings with in the flood plane. If you would like more information or to add your property to the list of possible candidates contact Chad Bunger, Assistant Director of Community Development at (785) 587-2412 or

City leaders are also concerned about the possibility of Tuttle Creek Lake flooding this season. Currently the lake is sitting at 1,115.75 feet above sea level. That’s only 22 feet below the 1993 flood levels.

“We’ve experienced those levels before, at 1,115, 1,120, 1,125 (feet above sea level), but they are usually in June or July towards the later end of the rainy season. We’re in April,” said Hilgers.

Flooding in northern states have increased concern over eventual flooding of Tuttle Creek Lake.

Hilgers says the don’t want people to panic, but they would like people to get prepared. The city is urging people to look in to flood insurance. Hilgers says some plans take up to 30 days to go into place, so people should look today.

Click here for more flood information and updates from the city of Manhattan.

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