Manhattan officials working to repair parks and trails


After getting streets cleared of debris, Manhattan city officials are now working to clear public areas like trails and parks.

Roads and trails at Anneberg park have been blocked off while crews assess the damage and make repairs.  

According to assistant city manager Kiel Mangus, majority of the park suffered erosion-based damage, leaving trails and parking lots in need of new gravel.

“We’ve seen a lot of that in different areas, so we’ll have to bring it in and kind of reshape the trail in certain areas,” said Mangus. “At Anneberg park, the parking lots got a lot of damage and the playgrounds. So, we’ll be reworking some things there.”

Mangus said crews have been working to get the trails and roads open as soon as possible.

“The clean up is done, now it’s just kind of assessment that’ll take some larger projects that we’ll be doing. But, I know crews are out working still and will be for at least the next week or two,” said Mangus.

There’s no set timetable for the repairs to be finished. Community engagement coordinator Vivienne Uccello said they still have a long road ahead of them.

“This still feels like the beginning stages of things. but, I think the damage will hopefully be less than we anticipated, and thankfully we didn’t get any additional flooding,” said Ucello.

Parts of the park will remain open to the public during repairs. For more updates on the park, you can visit the Manhattan Parks & Rec website.

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