Manhattan woman loses 88 pounds through local programs


MANHATTAN, Kan. (KSNT) – Let’s face it, having the motivation to consistently exercise and eat right is not always easy for most people. Not everyone can do it on their own!

Reality hit for Liz Birk, of Manhattan, when she saw herself in a picture from her sister’s wedding.

“I realized how bad it had gotten, and how big I’d gotten. I actually broke into tears. I was pre-diabetic so that was a huge thing. Diabetes runs in our family and that was a huge push for me,” says Birk.

After trying to exercise and eat right on her own, she wasn’t seeing the results she wanted to. So she sought help from the Ascension Via Christi Weight Management Clinic in Manhattan, alongside a trainer at the Genesis Health Club.

“A lot of people get down on themselves, because of their weight. So we really want to try and lift them up, and be very supportive. We aren’t about a diet, but a lifestyle change,” explains Ramona Stueve, the Program Nurse for the Ascension Via Christi Weight Management Clinic in Manhattan.

Travis Sisco, a personal trainer at Genesis Health Clubs in Manhattan says, “The best workout on the planet isn’t as good if you do it for a month then a consistent workout that you do for 6 months.”

For the past year and a half, Liz has been motivated and consistent in changing her health habits. And the results are telling!

“Total I have lost 88 pounds. Just keep reminding yourself why you’re doing (it) and keeping that in your head. If you’re trying to do it for somebody else you won’t stick with it, but if you’re genuinely trying to do it for yourself and make better decisions for yourself you will stick with it,” says Birk.

Liz goes to the Ascension Via Christi Weight Management Clinic every week to measure her progress, and she has an exercise routine with her trainer twice a week.

“Sometimes just taking off 4 pounds a month, and doing that consistently (is best). At the end of the year you’re like, wow, I’ve lost that much! Liz made very slow and steady progress and that’s what we encourage,” Stueve explains.

“She has progressed in strength like crazy. Her conditioning as gone up, because she is one of those people, that if I ask her to do something like 30 minutes of cardio afterward, she doesn’t question it and she just does it,” says Sisco.

And she’s not done yet! Birk says, ” I would ideally like to lose another 45 pounds!”

All in an effort to keep living a healthier and happier lifestyle!

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