GLADSTONE, Mo. — Two days after a body was found in a Gladstone lake, police have confirmed it is that of missing 13-year-old Jayden Robker.

The family had feared this would be the case when they spoke with authorities on Friday.

A memorial now lays in front of the place where Robker used to call home.

“He was a very ambitious kid. He loved skateboarding, he loved Pokémon, he wanted to be a gamer,” Heather Robker, Jayden’s mother, said.

Over the last month, finding the teenager had been a community effort. This started on February 2, the last time Jayden was seen alive.

In the weeks that followed, his family held a gathering and search parties to find him. On March 8, the FBI announced a $5,000 reward for information on his disappearance.

That same day the KC Crime Commission announced that they would add $2,000, making the reward $7,000.

On March 10, local and federal authorities located Jayden Robker’s body in a lake in Gladstone. On March 12, police positively identified the body as Robker’s.

“At this moment, I just want the public to know that me and my husband miss my son,” Robker said.

Currently, police say the autopsy indicates no obvious evidence of foul play. 

Robker not only leaves behind his two parents, but five younger siblings, and his mother said she’s just trying to stay strong amid so much pain.

“I know he’s in a better place and that hopefully, he can get the peace that he needs. It’s sad. I miss my son,” Robker said.

Robker said that when her son was found, he still had his wallet and his favorite thing in his pocket: Pokémon cards.

“I’ve cried, like myself to sleep. I don’t know what to think, I don’t know how to feel, I’m just numb. I don’t know what to do. Trying to get up and knowing my son is gone, it’s the worst feeling in the world. My world has basically turned upside down.”

If you would like to honor Jayden’s life, his family said you can drop flowers at the entrance of the Lakeview Terrace mobile homes.