Motorcycle ride changes Topeka girls life forever


The Easterseals Capper Foundation is helping give a local girl the ride of a lifetime, all to make her smile, changing their daughters life forever.

Heather Owings parent’s Brenda Owings and Cory Wykoff said their daughter’s smile makes them happy everyday. The same smile they got to see on Saturday after Heather enjoyed a ride around Lake Shawnee on a motorcycle.

Heather was born with cerebral palsy. For years she wasn’t able to walk or even talk in full sentences. But she always managed to find a way to tell her parents how much she loved motorcycles.

“She’s just been fighting all along and we fight with her, you know,” Brenda said. “It’s a team effort, we fight together. Make sure she gets what she needs, and get the resources she needs.”

Brenda said her daughter has loved the sound and sight of motorcycles, so Brenda made it her duty to get her daughter on one.

“You know, as her mother, I’ll do anything to make her smile,” Brenda said. “So, just getting there and seeing this opportunity for her, I was really happy.”

Heather’s family almost gave up hope after they were told she was too small to ride on a motorcycle. Until one phone call changed it all. It was the Easterseals Capper Foundation who called, saying Heather would be able to ride around Lake Shawnee in a side car.

“I want her to be able to experience something anyone else could,” Cory said. “I mean she has these challenges and she can’t experience normal things that we just take for granted. It feels great, I mean. Just seeing her so happy. It’s just the best feeling. You know, she just has a wonderful smile. It just, it lights up anyone’s day.”

Although one of Heather’s dreams came true, it’s her smile that keeps her family going.

Heather’s parents plan to continue working with her to improve her mobility and speech.

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