Moving out of Kansas? Survey shows you’re not alone

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United Van Lines, one of the nation's top moving companies, released its 42nd annual National Movers Study and it shows the state of Kansas as the 5th most "outbound" moving states in the country.

In other words, more people are moving out than moving in. The main reason for the outbound move from Kansas according to United, is employment opportunities.

New Jersey had highest percentage of outbound moves, followed by Illinois, Connecticut, New York and Kansas. The state's negative inbound rating has persisted for the past several years, according to the survey.

Vermont has the second-smallest population among states, exceeding only Wyoming. Yet Vermont saw the highest percentage of inbound moves in 2018.

Four Western states filled out the top 5: Oregon, Idaho, Nevada and Arizona.

The study showed that Americans continue to move west and south. The Mountain West and South regions saw high percentages of inbound moves. The Northeast and Midwest had high percentages of outbound moves.


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