Mysterious package under investigation at Forbes Field


For the second month in a row, airport officers found a suspicious package at the state agricultural lab.

A similar situation occurred at the same facility in late August, where four packages were found. Now, law enforcement says they’re trying to figure out if the two situations are connected.

Not much is known about the current package. A battalion civil support team was brought in after Topeka Fire Department equipment showed inconclusive results.

Each situation regarding an unknown package is unique, and requires emergency personnel to react differently in their approach.

“Any time that someone calls in a suspicious package or believes they have a suspicious package we respond appropriately,” said Topeka Fire Department Public Information Officer Alan Stahl. “They may include bringing the bomb teams out to make sure it’s not explosives and bringing the hazmat teams out to make sure that it’s nothing hazardous to the people who open the package.”

Law enforcement says they’re working to figure out the motive.

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