92-year-old Denver woman in need of place to live after eviction


(WFLA/CNN Newsource) – It can be tough to find housing in almost all major US cities.Add in a pet and an approaching eviction date and things can get very stressful.

Evelyn Castle, a 92-year-old Colorado woman, has been evicted after living in her home for 14 years.

Her life is now sitting in boxes as she prepares for a move she doesn’t want to make.

“I didn’t do nothing wrong to get evicted. I paid my rent on time 14 years,” she said.

Castle moved into the home after her husbands death, and she’s been taking care of people almost all of her life. This includes the sick and homeless, her companion Eddie and her service dog, Daisy.

She planned on living the rest of her days in the home, until in July, when she was told she had to leave, and she said finding a new home hasn’t been easy.

“I like this neighborhood, but I don’t have no friends so it doesn’t matter,” Castle said. “I need a little yard for my dog. A washer and dryer and no stairs.”

The Denver Housing Authority said Castle qualifies for some of their programs and there are a few options available for her. While Castle has five grandchildren in the area, she said she wants to live independently.

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