Couple married for 73 years dies 6 hours apart from COVID-19


WISCONSIN (CNN/WTMJ) — A Wisconsin couple of 73 years, both diagnosed with COVID-19, died just hours apart.

Mary and Wilford Kepler’s bond with each other only grew stronger during their longtime marriage.

“Our family lost, like literally, the glue that holds us together,” Natalie Lameka, the couple’s granddaughter, said. “It was definitely hard, but it was bittersweet.”

Their family still doesn’t know how, but both Mary and Wilford contracted COVID-19. They were taken to the hospital where they died just six hours apart.

Natalie and her brother Spencer were the last two to see the couple in person.

“They were able to say ‘I love you,’” Natalie said.

Unlike many other COVID patients, Mary and Wilford had each other in their final days.

“They had been holding hands and that was just heartbreaking to hear but also heartwarming to hear. And we were just so thankful they were together and were aware that they were together,” Natalie said.

Mary and Wilford leave behind three children, eight grandchildren, and six great grandchildren.

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