Drinking-related deaths in women on the rise


JOPLIN, Mo. – A new report shows that the alcohol-related death rate is growing at a much faster rate for women than men.

The study compared data from 1999 through 2017 and was conducted by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism. It shows that men made up the majority of alcohol-related deaths during that period, but the percentage increase in women was much higher at 85% than it was for men at 39%.

Dr. Shantra Nuehring says women are more susceptible to alcohol poisoning than men if they’re drinking the same amount as their male counterparts.

“Women need to remember that we don’t metabolize alcohol the same way that men do,” said Dr. Nuehring. “Men have an extra enzyme in their stomach that’s extremely low for women so we can drink the same amount as a man but our blood alcohol levels will be higher.”

The study showed that some of those deaths were from liver disease over a long period of time, while others were from alcohol poisoning or binge drinking.

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