‘It makes me even hungrier’: Chiefs’ new players want their own Super Bowl rings this season


KANSAS CITY, Mo. — On Tuesday, the Kansas City Chiefs got their Super Bowl rings, and now new additions to the team want one, too.

“I see the work they put in. I see they finally got that ring, but it makes me even hungrier cause I want one myself,” defensive end Taco Charlton said.

Charlton was drafted by the Dallas Cowboys where he played for two seasons before heading to the Miami Dolphins last year.

New veterans on the team want to make it work in Kansas City.

“I’m enjoying it,” Charlton said. “Every place I’ve been to is different. Every defense is different that I played in, so I’m enjoying playing in this defense for sure. It’s letting me attack, letting me be free and let me play the game.”

Tight end Ricky Seals Jones is leaning on other veteran players like Travis Kelce to learn more about the game. 

“I just try to look at my game and try to take some of his game from him and put it in mine, so he’s a great player and great teammate and a great leader,” he said.

Charlton is fueled by the trust his Michigan buddy Frank Clark put in him.

“They took a chance on bringing me here and so, of course, I want to prove everybody right, and Frank stood on the table for me so I want to prove him right, too.”

Both have played on a combined four other teams, but there’s a steep learning curve on the Chiefs with Zoom meetings and a quick pace of practice.

“We go fast, and the guys were like, ‘This ain’t nothing,’ and I’m like, ‘We probably ran like 150 plays,'” Seals Jones said. “They’re like, ‘Oh yeah, that’s nothing!'”

But they’ve got to get used to it if they want a winning formula. Charlton and Seals Jones just hope their contributions can lead to a ring ceremony they can be a part of next year.

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