Local lawmakers respond to airstrike killing of Iran general


Local lawmakers are responding to President Trump’s airstrike killing of Qassem Soleimani, Iran’s most powerful general.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo took to Twitter Friday, referencing conversations with multiple leaders of foreign countries.

Pompeo also tweeted that Trump “made a bold decision.”

You can read the rest of his tweets HERE.

Sen. Pat Roberts also took to Twitter to express his approval of the airstrike.

Congressman Steve Watkins released the following statement to KSNT News Friday afternoon:

“From years spent in Iraq helping fight the War on Terror, I know the best way to deal with evil regimes like Iran and cruel men like Soleimani is a proportionate response and the reestablishment of deterrence. For years Iran did not see the United States as a credible threat because under President Obama—we weren’t. Now, we have a President who understands what so many service members know: actions run risks, but inaction returns more consequences in the long run.”

Congressman Steve Watkins

Rep. Sharice Davids said her priority is ensuring this administration has a plan to keep service members, embassy personnel and U.S. citizens around the globe safe.

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