DETROIT, MI – A 33-year-old man was shot and killed by authorities in Detroit after pointing a green laser and firing shots at a police helicopter on Tuesday evening, January 24, according to Michigan State Police (MSP).

This footage from the helicopter, released by MSP on Wednesday, shows the suspect aiming at the helicopter from a house at 12857 Terry Street, a couple of blocks north of I-96. Initially, the suspect points a laser at the helicopter from a second-floor window of the house. He then steps exits the house into the backyard and appears to fire three rounds from a long rifle toward the helicopter.

The helicopter crew reported the suspect’s location and troopers responded on foot, police said. “The suspect came out of the home and started firing at which time trooper(s) returned fire,” fatally wounding the suspect, MSP said.

Police said the suspect had been staying at an abandoned house on Terry Street and said “five firearms were recovered from the home.”

A motive for the shooting had not been determined, MSP said. The two troopers involved were on leave pending the results of an investigation into the incident, police added.