KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Three people are dead after using a small generator to power electronics inside their home.

According to Kansas City police, they got a call from a concerned worker Monday morning when one of the men didn’t show for work.

When EMS responded to the house near 12th Terrace and Ewing Avenue, they detected high levels of carbon monoxide poisoning.

“Any gas-powered engine is going to put off CO, and that needs to be operated in a well-ventilated area,” Kansas City Fire Department spokesman Michael Hopkins said.  

A 42-year-old man, 34-year-old-man, and 14-year-old teenage boy were found dead inside the house. 

“Never operate them in your home, not in the garage, basement, anywhere,” Hopkins said. “Make sure they’re outside, and they’re getting proper ventilation because even a small gas-powered engine’s putting off CO.”

He said this is also an important reminder to check the batteries in your carbon monoxide detector and make sure they’re working.

“It’s a small amount, but it builds over time. So you may not notice it initially, but then you go several days with this very small leak that initially wouldn’t have been a big deal,” Hopkins said. “But over time it builds up, builds up in your system and it can be deadly.”

Some symptoms of carbon monoxide exposure could be headache, nausea, vomiting and drowsiness. Hopkins said to seek immediate medical attention if you think you’ve been exposed.