Ohio woman looking for ‘angel’ who prayed with her after she collapsed


AKRON, Ohio (WJW) – An Ohio mother is asking for help in finding a woman that prayed with her after she collapsed Sunday in Akron.

“I had gone for a walk on a trail while my son was at an event and ended up getting stung by several bees,” Sarah Rintamaki said.

She said she got in her car and drove to a nearby Circle K convenience store to get allergy medicine.

“I am from Westlake, so I didn’t really know the area or know anyone there,” Rintamaki said.

Once inside the store, she collapsed.

“I could hear when I was starting to wake up, and I heard a woman saying to get my mask off so I could breathe,” Rintamaki said. “I was so scared, and I mean, could not breathe. I really thought I was going to die on the floor of that Circle K.”

Employees called 911 and Rintamaki started praying out loud.

“She was so kind,” Rintamaki said. “She said, ‘Just breathe and I will pray for you.’ So she was holding my hand, and I kept looking into those beautiful brown eyes. She is truly an angel.”

A few minutes later, Akron firefighters arrived and took her to the hospital.

After a couple of hours in the emergency room, she was able to leave with her family.

Now she is hoping to find the woman who offered her comfort and compassion.

“I just really want to thank her,” Rintamaki said. “She just kept calling out for Jesus, and I really needed her in that moment. Everyone has been joking that this was another 2020 horrible thing, but I feel blessed because I could have not made it to my car. I can’t believe I drove, but I made it to that Circle K, to these strangers who didn’t know me and took care of me.”

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