GRANDVIEW, Mo. — Family of a murdered Grandview, Missouri man say they are no closer to answers than they were three weeks ago when they led police to him.

The pastors of Glory Bible Fellowship International Church were at the so called “Happiest Place on Earth” the last time they spoke with their son, Adam Blackstock Jr., 24, back home in Grandview.

“He was like excited I need to go with y’all to go to Disneyland,” Pastor Adam Blackstock Sr. said.

Blackstock Jr, also known as AJ, was a NASCAR and Chiefs fan who regularly attended Sunday’s Men’s Fellowship at the church to watch the games. Sunday conversations about playoff football turned out to be the final messages between father and son.

Upon returning home January 17 family found Blackstock and his Jaguar F- Pace crossover were missing. Blackstock’s father used a Jaguar app to track the vehicle to a home at 46th and Montgall where he could see its signature rims parked in front of the home with a cover over it.

“Why would you have this vehicle on your property and its covered?” Blackstock’s mother Adrinne asked.

An affidavit shows Kansas City Police noticed a bullet hole in the driver door and blood in the front passenger seat and behind it. But when they asked the woman living there she said it was her uncle’s and she called a man who confirmed her story. Blackstock says he was being told by police it was a property dispute so he took action.

“Immediately I said this is my son’s car let me prove it to you and started the car from my app from my phone,” he said.

Police eventually convinced the woman to allow them to tow the car to the police station. A search warrant was filed 6 hours later and police found Blackstock’s body in the vehicle’s cargo area.

When police returned to the home according to warrant returns a bottle of Clorox next to the car was gone as was the woman who lived there.

“Where’s the person that was there where’s the person that was on the phone?” Adrinne asked.

Since his death his parents say they’ve been inundated with messages of support from around the world. A prayer service was held in India at an international church affiliated with the Lee’s Summit location.

“This impacts all of us in the Christian community and even those that are not Christians that are pouring their hearts out,” Adrinne said.

The family wears t-shirts that say #JusticeForAJBlackstock, but say also deserving of justice is the 18 month old son he leaves behind.

“The way it brings me peace to know I got 24 years with my little brother it  just brings sadness that my nephew won’t get those same memories,” his sister Danielle said.

Blackstock’s parents say they’ve already forgiven the person who killed their son, but it’s harder for them to understand how someone may know something but hasn’t come forward.

You can call the Tips Hotline at (816) 474-8477 with any information concerning Blackstock Jr.’s death.