BRANSON, Mo. (KOLR/KOZL/KRBK) — The Robert W. Plaster Foundation is selling a major residential property known as the Evergreen Crystal Palace.

“It’s really strange to go in the house today because it looks like it’s just a frozen time capsule,” noted real estate agent Ken Coleman, who is selling the property for Evergreen Investments.

Coleman said a 30-minute video tour of the Branson, Missouri, house went viral on YouTube, resulting in calls from all over the world interested in the property, which was constructed in the 90s.

“We’ve had a lot of Hollywood’s reached out to do films inside of it,” Coleman said. “But that’s really not the desire.”

Coleman said that Robert Plaster — “in his wisdom” — left the house for college funds for students, so the home has to be sold for the money to go to universities.

The 28,000-square-foot estate is located on the banks of Table Rock Lake on 350 acres of lakefront land.

Its features include a helicopter pad, a 20-car parking garage, a 3,00-square-foot master bedroom and eight private peninsulas.

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