‘This is why I became an attorney’: KC area lawyer helping arrested protesters for free


RIVERSIDE, Mo. (WDAF) — Kansas City police have reported more than 160 protest-related arrests over the last five days.

A local attorney is hoping to get the charges all thrown out, and she’s doing it for free.

“As a black woman, this is why I became an attorney. This is why I went to law school to help my community, help people that are in need,” said Natasha Scruggs, a criminal defense attorney. 

“Police brutality is a huge issue in Kansas City, St.Louis and a lot of cities over Missouri and Kansas, as well as most of the major cities throughout the country. This is something that needs to be talked about.”

Scruggs said the pro bono work by her and other attorneys is a movement inside of a movement. 

Her law firm, the Scruggs Law Firm, along with Stacy Shaw and Associates, is working to save potential clients thousands of dollars in legal fees for various misdemeanor charges.

“Failure to comply is probably the main charge that they get, and that gets confusing,” Scruggs said. “I think that the protesters have the right to protest. I think they shouldn’t be arrested for being outside, for speaking their voice.” 

There is a social media callout for other attorneys to join.

Groups and celebrities around the country also raising money to help cover bail for protesters.

Nonprofit “One Struggle KC” has an online bail fundraiser. They have already raised $1,000 and helped with a woman’s release.

For more information on Scruggs’ offer, fill out this form or call (816) 203-0732.

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