Nearly 4,000 voters choose new sunflower flag for Topeka

NEW TOPEKA FLAG_1555604721449.jpg.jpg

The results are in, and Topekans have chosen the capital city’s new flag Thursday afternoon.

Nearly 4,000 voters gave their preference between three flag designs for Topeka. The ballot showed the sunflower flag earning 70 percent of the vote, according to the Greater Topeka Partnership. The redesigned emblem made its official debut at the 2019 State of the Community event.

Topeka’s young professionals group Forge started the project with an open call for designs in 2018. Professional graphic artists took four public designs and created the three final options based on them. Executive director Lindsay Lebahn said the results easily show the peoples’ choice for best flag.

“We are blown away with the number of votes cast,” Lebahn said. “It is clear which flag the community wanted.”

The Forge flag initiative will submit the final flag design to the Topeka City Council by later in the year.

To see more information on the three flag finalists, visit the project’s website.

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