New bill mandates providers inform women of possible abortion reversal


A bill could require abortion providers to post new information in their office.

Women that choose to get a medication abortion take two pills. The first blocks hormones that help the child grow. The second pill forces the body to get rid of the unborn baby.

The new bill would require abortion providers to tell women that the procedure could be reversible if they don’t take the second pill.

“They can’t make a truly informed decision if they don’t know all their options,” said Jeanne Gawdun, a lobbyist for Kansans for Life. 

“It’s just not right to deny them this information simply because they originally chose an abortion.”

Patients are supposed to take the second pill within two days after they take the first to complete the abortion.

Those against the bill say the medication that would be recommended to reverse the abortion isn’t proven in science. 

“Providers at Planned Parenthood would be forced to give women who are coming into our health centers, seeking a medication abortion, inaccurate and untested information about their options, and we think that’s a big problem,” said Rachel Sweet, Regional Director of Public Policy & Organizing for Planned Parenthood Great Plains.

But those in favor of it say it’s just another option for women.

“Those who call themselves pro-choice are so adamantly opposed to giving women a choice. I mean this is so empowering to her to be able to say wow, if I change my mind, you know, something happens and I change my mind, my circumstances change, that this is a way that I could possibly save my baby,” said Gawdun.

With overwhelming support from Republicans and a few Democrats, the bill is expected to become law even with a veto.

The Governor’s office told us Governor Kelly will review the bill before she makes her decision.

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