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EDENTON, N.C. (WAVY) – A billboard just outside the town limits of Edenton is causing controversy for its comments about homosexuality.

One residents calls the billboard “an embarrassment,” but the man who paid for the sign says he feels same-sex relationships are becoming too accepted in society.

The billboard is just off North Broad Street less than a mile from the Edenton line.

“It’s shocking,” said Jonah Bishop. “Why spend the money for a billboard like that?”

“I’d say it’s very divisive and not very loving,” said Stephanie Bishop.

The billboard reads:


Jim Leggett says he paid for the sign that went up about two weeks ago. In that time, he says he’s gotten more complaints than support.

“Are we going to follow what man says and their laws, or what God says?” said Leggett. “I’m not going to soften the truth. I am not going to take the sign down. I think it is relevant and good.”

Some in town say he has the right to have the billboard.

“People got a right to their own opinions and their rights, and to feel the way they want to feel about it,” said one woman, who wished not to give her name.

Leggett says he is using the money he would otherwise give to his church to spread his message and start a conversation.

“It may not change their thinking or their attitude. They may just go on with life as it is, and oh well,” said Leggett.

Anne-Marie Knighton, Edentown’s town manager, tells 10 On Your Side her office has receive complaints about the sign; but the town has no legal authority to take it down.

Leggett says his lease on the billboard will keep it up for at least two more months.