WASHINGTON D.C., (KSNT)—A GOP group is launching another political attack on democratic Kansas Governor Laura Kelly for her comments referencing male athletes in women’s sports.

The Republican Governors Association Kansas 2022 PAC launched a new TV ad on Friday, featuring college swimmer Riley Gaines.

The ad highlights Kelly’s record, twice vetoing legislation to ban athletes born biological men from competing in girls’ sports. 

Kansans deserve to know the truth about Democrat Laura Kelly’s record prioritizing a radical transgender agenda in schools and sports,” said RGA spokeswoman Joanna Rodriguez. “When given the chance, Kelly repeatedly failed to stand with parents and students, and she’ll keep failing them unless she’s stopped in November.”

Gaines is a 12-time NCAA All-American, five-time SEC Champion and record holder, and two-time Olympic trial qualifier who tied transgender swimmer Lia Thomas at the NCAA finals earlier this year. The new ad is the second spot from RGA Kansas that features Gaines and the second ad to include a clip from Kelly’s own controversial ad.

Republicans claim that Kelly lied to voters about her position in the ad, where she said, “Of course, men should not play girls’ sports.”

In response to pushback from GOP groups following the ad’s release, Lauren Fitzgerald, a spokesperson for Kelly’s campaign, said that Kelly has been consistent on her position.

“Governor Kelly has been consistent in her belief that Kansas kids deserve fairness on the playing field and a safe place to go to school,” Fitzgerald said in a statement. “However, those bills created unnecessary new government mandates, and Republican Governors – like in Indiana and Utah – vetoed similar bills in their states. These decisions should be made by medical professionals, school officials, families, and local jurisdictions – not politicians.”

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