New liquor law gives Kansas shoppers more choice


A new liquor law is giving Kansans more choice when shopping. The law, which goes into effect Monday, allows liquor stores to start selling non-alcoholic items like soda, chips, cigarettes and lottery tickets.

As a compromise, the law also gives convenience stores and grocery stores the ability to sell “full strength” beer. The bill was signed by former Gov. Sam Brownback (R-Kansas) back in 2017.

Jay Schalansky, owner of NOTO Wine & Spirits at 910 NW 25th St., says he’s been anticipating the move since he bought the store.

“We only took ownership after the law was passed and changed, so we knew it was coming,” said Schalansky. “We weren’t like ones of the stores that’s been around a long time with rooted ownership.”

Schalansky says it’s difficult to say what this will mean for business. He says it all comes down to whether or not shoppers will change their habits.

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