TOPEKA (KSNT) – Rosa’s Mijo restaurant is open for business and serving up delicious Mexican food inspired by one of Topeka’s old favorites – Rosa’s Mexican Restaurant.

The owner of the newly opened Rosa’s Mijo, Abraham Barron, is the grandson of the former owner of Rosa’s Mexican Restaurant, Juanita “Jenny” Barron.

Abraham Barron stirring up their famous original queso recipe (Photo Courtesy/Rosa’s Mijo).

Rosa’s Mexican restaurant closed its doors in May of 2008 after 14 years of serving Topeka at its 2025 S.E. California Ave location. Various people in Barron’s family have owned and operated Mexican restaurants around Topeka since the 1950s, and now another one can be added to the list.

Topekans who frequented the restaurant can now get a familiar taste with a new twist at Rosa’s Mijo located at The Federal Carlson building at 444 SE Quincy.

Barron posted to the restaurant’s Facebook page to announce the new location and was met with many Topekans excited to try the new restaurant and reminiscing on fond memories at Rosa’s Mexican Restaurant.

“I’m overwhelmed and tickled but knew it would be something people are excited about because of all the hard work my family has done in Topeka,” Barron said, “The family legacy has already spread, so it was no surprise.”

However, Barron did want to make one thing clear: the food on the menu at the new restaurant will not be the same as Rosa’s Mexican Restaurant, just inspired by it.

“This is not Rosa’s, this is Rosa’s Mijo,” Barron said.

Barron grew up in the kitchen at Rosa’s Mexican Restaurant learning how to make authentic Mexican food from his grandmother. He is now using the lessons he learned as a small boy from his now 91-year-old grandmother to inspire the dishes at his new restaurant.

“Rosa’s food has always meant so much to Topeka, and even more to me being raised to have a passion for authentic Mexican food by my grandmother,” Barron said, “I’ve always wanted to have the restaurant in the family for generations.”

Barron even recalls having his son carry and stack cans of food for Rosa’s Mexican Restaurant when the restaurant was still open and his son was still very young; his son carrying on the same traditions that Barron got to experience in his childhood.

“My son Elijah has been an integral part in the successful launch of this endeavor. He and myself prepare the specials along with another team member, Cody Manzanares,” Barron said, “Having the opportunity to bring back food inspired by my grandmother’s legacy along with my son makes me proud.”

Abraham and his son Elijah pose for a photo at their newly opened restaurant Rosa’s Mijo (Photo Courtesy/Rosa’s Mijo).

Barron said his younger daughters help from time to time as well, running the register and helping around the cafe.

“Mexican food is my family’s heritage and it’s exciting to see people’s reactions when they taste the nostalgia,” Barron said.

One of Rosa’s Mexican Restaurant’s most popular dishes, “the suicide burrito” will be honored with Barron’s own twist on the famous dish – “the legend burrito”.

“I will be showcasing ‘the legend’ smothered in American chili and jalapeños in our special Mijo Caso weekly at the cafe,” Barron said, “It’s what the people want! I’m bringing it to them!”

Rosa’s Mijo will also have “Tostados Tuesdays”, flour enchiladas, rice, beans, and their original queso recipe along with many other tasty authentic Mexican dishes. One dish Barron is also excited about is the chicken mole burrito.

“It has notes of chocolate and chili peppers,” Barron said, “It’s very rich and sweet.”

Alongside all of the authentic Mexican dishes, Rosa’s Mijo will also serve classic American grill food like chicken tenders and burgers. Barron also said the restaurant will be offering take-home family meals soon, which Rosa’s Mijo plans to highlight as a key service.

“We’re very thankful to be able to live our dreams and carry on the family legacy,” Barron said.

They will also be out on the streets of Topeka serving up food in the “Mijo Queso Cart” which they plan to test out on Friday, July 22. Updates on the location of the “Mijo Queso Cart” and take-home family meals will be posted on the restaurant’s Facebook page which you can access here.