New technology will help city predict water main breaks


John Hauer has lived on 10th street for a little over 3 years.

He says that over the years, he’s dealt with his fair share of water main breaks, and says there’s been more recently.

“It always comes as a surprise but we deal with it,” said Hauer.

The City of Topeka is working to deal with the large amount of water main breaks.

City Manager Brent Trout says the city is partnering with another company to predict when a break could happen next.

“It could help us to plan ahead because it can look at what kind of a line is there and our most common areas that break so we have the right type of clamps and equipment and materials that is necessary to fix the water main break that’s there,” said Trout.

Trout says that it will also allow the city to see the depth of the pipe so they know how far to dig, fixing breaks faster than ever before.

If you see a water main break, you can report it by calling 785-368-3111.

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