KSNT (TOPEKA) – Superintendent Scott McWilliams joined the 27 News Morning Show Tuesday, March 28, following the shooting at a private Christian school in Nashville.

McWilliams said his thoughts and prayers were with the people impacted by the tragedy, and that in the Auburn-Washburn district, they want to focus on two things.

“In regards to school safety, I want to say that it is a top priority,” McWilliams said. “The second thing is, it’s a collaborative effort. It’s about our students talking to each other, and also talking to adults both in and outside of school.”

He emphasized how important communication is amongst staffing and students, to make sure the building is secure at all times.

“It’s about our teachers, support staff and administrators, collaborating together and keeping a close eye on things,” McWilliams said. “It’s about following best practices in school, and keeping our exterior doors locked.”

McWilliams went on to explain that not only is the communication within the school important, but so is external communication with law enforcement and the greater community.

“It’s also about school districts and school communities partnering with local law enforcement, health professionals; doing everything we can to create safety nets for all kids,” McWilliams said. “To one, make sure we are meeting all of their needs and two, if they have anything on their minds and they might need to talk to someone, there’s very easy access to have that ability.”

He expressed his condolences once more for the families that were affected by the shooting in Nashville before expressing one last sentiment.

“We have to all, collaboratively, continue to work together so that we can keep school safety a priority.”

Superintendent McWilliams also touched on the Pop-Up Art Display at the Kansas Children’s Discovery Center, a construction update on the new Auburn-Washburn middle school and the Kansas Teacher of the Year Banquet.

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