Nurse says working at St. Jude is “the happiest place”


Maggie Teed, a Pediatric Oncology Nurse at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital says that the hospital is staffed in such a way that the quality of care is second-to-none.

“We only have one patient in the ICU we’re one-to-one, so it’s really great that we get to do that. We get to focus all of our attention on the patient we have for that day, really get to know the family, really get to do all of the total nursing care that we are taught to do and we love to do,” says Teed.

The nurses at St. Jude are helping to make a tough time in a child’s life a little easier, hopefully making it as good for them as possible. You might think that this hospital would be a tough place to work, but Teed says it’s quite the opposite.

“That’s the first response you get from people when they know you work here. Oh, it must be so sad. But really, it’s one of the happiest places. I learn so much from the kids. They are just resilient and the families are resilient. They’re grateful to be here. If you have to be in that situation, St. Jude is the place you want to be,” Teed adds.

When asked about the close ties with the patients, one child came to mind. A young girl who had spent nine months in ICU at St. Jude really touched the nursing staff’s hearts.

“She did really, really well with treatment and got to go home and we threw her a big good-bye party and obviously we were all really sad to see her go, they kind of become family, you know, when they’re there for longer periods of time. So we still get to see her when she comes back for check-ups and she comes to visit the unit every single time.”

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