Officers find monkey wandering streets after Dodge City zoo escape


DODGE CITY, Kan. (KSNW) – After receiving calls about a monkey on the loose in Dodge City, a Kansas zoo is investigating how this happened.

“There was a monkey, just sitting on the side of the road,” Dodge City Police Chief Drew Francis said.

On Tuesday morning, Wright Park Zoo officials got a call from officers about a capuchin monkey that was on the loose in the streets of Dodge City.

“We found out when they called. Our head zookeeper had been here the night before and when she left, all monkeys were accounted for,” said Dodge City Public Information Officer Abbey Martin.

Officials said they didn’t know their monkey named Pickett was gone because it happened before zookeepers showed up that morning for work.

Officers said they are still investigating whether it was due to bad fencing or intentional actions.

“We’re still investigating to try and determine how the monkey got out of the enclosure,” Chief Francis said. “Whether it was on his own or through some other persons’ intentional act.”

Zoo officials plan to add cameras after this event so they know exactly how things like this could happen.

“We are looking into further security measures with cameras and that sort of item so that we can see more of what happens around this area,” Martin said.

They are happy for Pickett’s return but are a little surprised this happened.

“We don’t believe he would leave the troop, as he’s never known anything else,” Martin said.

The monkey that escaped is back at the zoo, but one other monkey has an injury to its leg and will stay at the vet until it is fully healed.

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