Officials: Horton hospital could close tomorrow, losing biggest source of healthcare


City officials say the Horton Community Hospital is in danger of shutting down by tomorrow morning, leaving people who work there out of a job.

KSNT News first told you about the Horton Community Hospital’s financial struggles back in February. Employees said they haven’t gotten paychecks from the hospital in more than a month.

The mayor and city administrator said they’ve heard the hospital is possibly shutting down tomorrow, but the hospital CEO hasn’t confirmed it with them yet. 

The mayor, Brian Stirton, said this isn’t surprising, as the hospital has been struggling to pay city utility bills.

“It’s going to force people out of town to look for other work,”  Stirton said. “It’s a large utility provider for us as a city. And healthcare is really important. To have to find it farther away, and to find somewhere to go to, the hospital is going to be hard on the citizens.”

Stirton said the city is working on a plan in case the hospital does shut down. 

KSNT News reached out to the hospital CEO, as well as the company that owns the hospital, but neither wanted to comment. 

A city official in Oswego, where the same company shut down a city hospital in February, said the situations look eerily similar.

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