Officials say KDOT is ready for winter weather


TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – Kansas Department of Transportation officials said they’re hoping for the best when it comes to the storm, but that they’re prepared for anything Mother Nature throws at them.

The goal for KDOT is to have snow equipment and materials ready by the middle of October each year. Officials said that everything is ready for this storm.

Workers pre-treated bridges with a salt brine on Tuesday.

Officials said the impact to roads could be lessened because the ground temperature is still warm.

David Studebaker, a highway maintenance superintendent for KDOT said this early of an event will be a good test not only for KDOT but everyone.

“This is a chance for the traveling public to understand that winter is on our doorstep, and preparations that you need to make that are going to help you later in the year, this is a good eye opener that we need to start thinking about that,” said Studebaker.

KDOT will make decisions on how to treat the roads as the storm progresses.

Studebaker said if snowfall totals less than an inch, plows might not be necessary. He made a point to warn drivers that conditions on bridges could be especially slushy and to use caution on them.

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