Oldest church in Topeka gets facelift


It’s the oldest church building in Topeka, and now it’s getting a facelift. 

Father Tim Haberkorn has been a member of St. Joseph’s Catholic Church in Topeka since he was a baby. 

“I was born here in Topeka baptized here at the church,” said Haberkorn.

He’s been a pastor for the last twelve years. 

“Really this has a very special place in my heart its really my spiritual home,” said Haberkorn.  

Throughout the years the church has gone up and down in membership, but has increased since Haberkorn got there. 

“We were a parish family of 540 families and now we’re just over 800 families its nice to see that growth and see just the church buildings being restored I think the heart and soul of it is as well,” said Haberkorn.

As the church grows, so does the cost of maintaining it. 

The church renovation will cost $6.5 million between the interior and exterior renovations but when the church was first built, it cost just $58,000. 

The church building is 119 years old. throughout the years its been given touch-ups. but this time it’s being given a complete makeover. 
The construction project is set to finish in December.

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