People prepare for below freezing temperatures


As the temperatures drop, the water outside will freeze, and sometimes so will the water inside your home.

The staff at Raintree Apartments is already taking precautions with the upcoming forecast.

Jonathan Marcus  is the regional director and is preparing for the chilly temperatures.
“We are in full precautionary mode. We don’t anticipate, well hopefully, we can’t predict everything

 but we are going to everything to lower our chances of getting a frozen pipe,” said Marcus.

They are going into vacant residences and opening the cabinets, letting the sinks drip, and even using blankets to block the cold from getting in.

Now the other concern is for your cars.

AAA says that every 10° it drops outside, your tires can lose one pound of pressure, and at 0° your car battery loses about 60% of its power.
AAA recommends checking your tire pressure and battery life before the temperatures get too cold.

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