Family Service & Guidance Center sees improvements in their clients with televideo

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Dr. Chip Millhuff, D.O., Chief Medical Officer at Family Service & Guidance Center, 325 SW Frazier Ave. says, “our evaluations are now done via televideo and most people are fine with it”. “The kids are talking to us more than they would if they were in the office”.

Dr. Millhuff says, “most of our staff is currently working from home but we are working on a plan for when we can start bringing people back to the office in a safe way”.

According to Dr. Millhuff, “About 3,500 youth are currently receiving mental health services at FSGC. We have 3 board certified child and adolescent psychiatrists and 4 APRN’s in our psychiatry department.” “Our services remain largely active (new evals, therapy, med mgmt., CBS, crisis and we are having better attendance as it is easier to engage in the appointment by phone/computer.”·  “Our observations are most kids are  doing good, not really worried about the virus and are adapting well to school at home. A boy told me this morning “I can’t believe it!  I want to be at school…I miss my friends…hands on activities”.

Family Service & Guidance Center offers a broad range of services, including outpatient individual, family and group therapy; child and adolescent psychiatry; an anxiety treatment program; a therapeutic preschool for children aged 2-6 with severe emotional and behavioral problems.

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