The Monarch Butterflies are beginning migration South

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TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – Dennis Dinwiddie, with the Topeka Zoo held a Monarch Tagging class Tuesday evening at the Kansas Museum of History.

Registered participants were given a brief lesson on the migration of the Monarch Butterfly and then were sent out with nets to capture Monarchs. Each Butterfly that was caught was given a numbered tag and sent back on it’s migration course.

Monarch tagging is done to document the migration patterns of the Butterflies.

The monarchs begin their southern migration from September to October. Up to 500,000 monarch butterflies, migrate at this time. Originating in southern Canada and the United States, they travel to overwintering sites in central Mexico. The butterflies arrive at their roosting sites in November. They remain in their roosts during the winter months and then begin their northern migration in March.

No individual butterfly completes the entire round trip. Female monarchs lay eggs for a subsequent generation during the northward migration. More than four generations are involved in the annual cycle.

Click here to register for a tagging class or visit the Zoo’s web site.

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